"Mark is a highly motivating coach who practices what he preaches which I find very inspiring. Mark is also personable and trustworthy which makes you feel at ease with discussing anything which you feel may be holding you back. I highly recommend Mark to anyone needing a boost in their business to help them get to the next level."

Sam Pilbeam
Owner, Viva Beauty and Wellness

"It has been great working with Mark. As my business mentor he is always on hand to listen. I would recommend working with Mark to any business professional."

Jenny Cross
Cross Productions Ltd

There is no one who cares about his clients more than Mark does. I have known Mark for over a year and the quality of his mentoring is second to none. His level of insight is incredible. That is what you need when you have daily challenges, live a busy life and need a personal mentor to be present. 

He has helped me overcome barriers and kept me accountable. He is the kind of mentor that wants you to flourish, on your terms and in the way you were meant to flourish. 

Before meeting Mark I did not have a trustworthy personal mentor to recommend to my network. After experiencing his desire to help his clients and his extreme detail to personal growth planning, I would happily recommend Mark to anyone who wants to work closely with a mentor to help them break through their own barriers and live a balanced life. 

Thank you for your help Mark

Taz Thiara
Helping you Create wealth through Property Investment │ Director of Novatus Property Solutions Ltd │ Marketing

Mark is a very down to earth guy, Mark works with you and your business and integrates both my thoughts and his in a unique and powerful way. Working with Mark has helped me take stock of my life and realise what's important to me while sustaining a business. I can see the benefits of planning and sticking to targets, Mark is a wealth of resource.

Richard Burke
Pure Properties

Whilst working with Mark he is creating my dreams into reality, he offers inspirational words of wisdom which have influenced me to reach my full potential. Conducting strategical one to ones to focus on progression towards my goals gets that one step closer. The GPS system that Mark uses is unique and covers all aspects of life to fulfill everyone's hopes and dreams "happiness".
Its been a pleasure to have the support when needed and I believe that every aspiring entrepreneur would benefit from having Mark work them. 

Lucy Halligan
Director at Senses

As the MD of a business that spends all it's time solving other businesses sales performance issues, it is very easy to lose focus on your own business and more importantly yourself! My sessions with Mark were amazing and allowed me to refocus more of my energy on me. To use the airline analogy, before working with Mark I was helping other people put on their oxygen masks, rather than remembering to fit mine FIRST! As an entrepreneur and an overtly positive person I wasn't sure that I needed a 'personal coach'. Having worked with Mark over a number of months, I now understand the incredible value that he has added to both me and my businesses.

Stuart Allen
MD The Sales performance Company Ltd

Mark is a thoughtful, high energy business mentor who is an absolute pleasure to work with. I count myself quite lucky to have him coaching me to make the necessary changes in both my professional and personal lives. It's been a thoroughly enlightening experience made even greater by the opportunity to edit his book Inside Job. If you're an entrepreneur who gets in your own way or has mental attitudes or habits that are troublesome, I highly recommend working with Mark to find the roadblocks and eradicate them. Even if you think you're on the right track, Mark will find a way to push you even further. Trust me, you'll be better for having worked with Mark.

Meredith Pruden
Megaphonic Raconteur (aka MarComm Consultant and Freelance Writer)

I just wanted to say that the Mastermind Group last week was a pivotal moment for me. The exercise we did really made me think and reassess what I did during 2015, what I'm doing now and what I want to do next year. 

In fact, it has led me to really examine what I want to be doing next year which is to focus more on my family, my health and my business. To that end...I am making some significant changes.

Thank you 


Sandra Garlick
Business Consultant & Mentor

The first thing you notice about Mark is his energy, enthusiasm and his amazing ability to see the possibility in any situation. During the time I have been working with Mark, he has always been encouraging and has given me many positive perspectives on challenging situations.


"Isn't today wonderful? Mark says to me as I greet him

It is pouring with rain outside and I am struggling right now to see exactly what is so wonderful about it.

But that is the first thing you notice about Mark Sephton when you meet him. His energy, enthusiasm and his ability to see the possibility in any situation.

Jo Cross
Freelance blogger @alwaysthinkyoucan

I first met Mark at a networking event in 2014, and was impressed by his sincerity and positivity so much I bought his book, Inside Job. 
When the chance came up to join one of his Inside Job Mastermind groups, I knew it was a great opportunity and it has proved to be a great decision. It has given me the tools to really focus on developing my business to the next level.  
If you get the opportunity to enrol on one, don’t miss out! 

Neil Porter
NCP Photography