Terms and Conditions

Confidential Information.

Confidential Information shall mean and collectively include: all information relating to the business, plans and/or technology of the Company including, but not limited to technical information including inventions, methods, plans, processes, specifications, characteristics, assays, raw data, scientific preclinical or clinical data, records, databases, formulations, clinical protocols, equipment design, know-how, experience, and trade secrets; developmental, marketing, sales, customer, supplier, consulting relationship information, operating, performance, and cost information.

Documents, etc.

All documents, cd’s, Videos, procedural manuals, guides,blogs,pictures, specifications, plans, drawings, designs and similar materials, lists of present, past or prospective customers, customer proposals, invitations to submit proposals, price lists and data relating to the pricing of the Company' products and services, records, notebooks and all other materials containing Confidential Information or information about Concepts or Ideas (including all copies and reproductions thereof), that come into Consultant's possession or control by reason of Consultant's performance of the relationship, whether prepared by Consultant or others: (a) are the property of the Company, (b) will not be used by Consultant in any way other than in connection with the performance of his/her Duties, (c) will not be provided or shown to any third party by Consultant, (d) will not be removed from the Company's or Consultant’s premises (except as Consultant's Duties require), and (e) at the termination (for whatever reason), of Consultant's relationship with the Company, will be left with, or forthwith returned by Consultant to the Company.

Copyright Notice

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