Inside Job

This is where we interact. The whole premise of InsideJob is based on the key fundamentals of improving the inside of you (mind, character, attitude, outlook) to impact on the progression you make in life and in business.


Here you will find articles, videos and my twitter feed where you can interact with me on a personal level and understand my philosophy and life DNA.


We are all a result of the thoughts we think, this is where I help challenge those thoughts and help you develop an inner strength to capture your attention and help you maximise your potential and become in tune with your own GPS system.

This Content made it into the Entrepreneur Magazine. you can read the full article here.

How do deal with feeling overwhelmed

1) think big picture
2) prioritise 
3) ask for help
4) take action
5) create boundaries
6) power down


If you can apply these principles to your life and mind you will improve your mental focus.

- Isolate yourself

- Turn things off

- Sleep/Nap for 40 minutes

- Drink water/ Green tea

- Eat right

- Use left hand

- Jog or have a cardio workout


I share how to become exceptionally charming and improve your relationships and networks.

- heartfelt greeting
- show their belly
- look for common ground
- physical touch ( non sexual )
- admit mistakes
- socialite
- respectful
- remember names
- they always say less


With the Easter holidays upon us, I decided to share some thoughts of how you can make the most of your vacation, holiday or mini break. It's so important as business owners and entrepreeurs we take time out to rest and recover.

- take enough time to switch off
- avoid digital devices
- Get out of your mind
- Nourish your body, soul and spirit
- Carry paper and pen
- ease back into your work


I share six best practices to improved networking
- Be real and stop hiding behind a suit
- Come to serve and inspire
- Take your head out of your behind
- leave with a second date
- Invest a few hours a week in social media
- nurture seven strategic relationships