Inside Job

This is where we interact. The whole premise of InsideJob is based on the key fundamentals of improving the inside of you (mind, character, attitude, outlook) to impact on the progression you make in life and in business.


Here you will find articles, videos and my twitter feed where you can interact with me on a personal level and understand my philosophy and life DNA.


We are all a result of the thoughts we think, this is where I help challenge those thoughts and help you develop an inner strength to capture your attention and help you maximise your potential and become in tune with your own GPS system.

1) Winners are passionate about what they do, they are born ready, and the Greek word for passion is to "suffer" passionate people will ride the waves of difficulty and pain to fulfil what they were born to do.

2) Winners value the process of winning, winning takes place in the quiet moments, when nobody is looking, the secret place of integrity, understanding every set back is the spring board to launching forward.

3) Winners focus on...


1) Value people and let them know it. Be creative with the communication you have with those whom you respect and appreciate. Start by saying so, then be creative and buy or make them a gift, ensure you praise the person in front of others, always be genuine and sincere. 

2) Learn to listen, so often we are thinking about the next thing to say, stay focused and open minded and give them clear eye contact and don't interrupt.

3) Believe...



After watching the "Apprentice" and seeing Neil Clough's journey  it must have been a devastating blow to hear the news that "you are the right man, with the wrong plan"

While Neil can be encouraged by his own performance, his influence, credibility and like ability and his ability to sell and be a stand out candidate it is a stark reminder for all of us, we can be the man or woman in the picture but unless our business idea is attractive and desired in the marketplace it won...


I believe this video is the most insightful and powerful video I have produced. I discuss the 10 maxims I live by, feel free to adopt and add these maxims into your own daily ritual.

1) be real and authentic

2) be grateful

3) be intentional

4) be a river not a reservoir 

5) invest in yourself

6) invest in others

7) meet 2 new people a week

8) forgive but don't forget

9) smile

10) don't quit


I'm a mentor not a life coach, for me the terminology used by branding yourself as a life coach can come across as you needing a doctor, that something is wrong with you. That I look down on my clients. I share why I'm a mentor and not a life coach.