Inside Job

This is where we interact. The whole premise of InsideJob is based on the key fundamentals of improving the inside of you (mind, character, attitude, outlook) to impact on the progression you make in life and in business.


Here you will find articles, videos and my twitter feed where you can interact with me on a personal level and understand my philosophy and life DNA.


We are all a result of the thoughts we think, this is where I help challenge those thoughts and help you develop an inner strength to capture your attention and help you maximise your potential and become in tune with your own GPS system.

I share six ways of how to motivate yourself. Its so important as an entrepreneur to keep your engine firing so you can continue to deliver excellence.

1) Set and example of high standards

2) Focus on happiness

3) Celebrate successes

4) Create a culture

5) Welcome feedback

6) Stay in touch with yourself


I share four ways to end your day in a flourish.

1) Brain dump
2) Set daily goals for following day
3) Set a time for you to shut down
4) Centre yourself


I share four signs you are a change agent.
1) Focused
2) Detailed
3) Energised
4) Leave a legacy


I was recently asked to cover a video on the topic of depression and fighting dark thoughts. As a mentor to entrepreneurs I look at getting the best out of people, mental health and a positive mindset are paramount to creating a life of vitality, when you do, there will be no room for depression and dark thoughts.

1) Gratitude

2) Praise

3) Associations

4) Self talk

5) Quieten your mind

6) Share Love

7) Forgive others

8) Forgive yourself...


 Mark shares four mindsets that will hinder and stunt your growth and success

1. Negative self talk

2. Not enough time

3. Poor economic times

4. Wanting an easy life.