Inside Job

This is where we interact. The whole premise of InsideJob is based on the key fundamentals of improving the inside of you (mind, character, attitude, outlook) to impact on the progression you make in life and in business.


Here you will find articles, videos and my twitter feed where you can interact with me on a personal level and understand my philosophy and life DNA.


We are all a result of the thoughts we think, this is where I help challenge those thoughts and help you develop an inner strength to capture your attention and help you maximise your potential and become in tune with your own GPS system.

I share the importance of creating your own personal revolution. Finding out your purpose and what you were put on earth to do. 

My calls to action are. 

- Be courageous in the face of mistakes
- Face your fears
- Start small
- Set boundaries
- Just do it
- Find a mentor


I share the simple principles of what entrepreneurship is. I focus on some of the simple points found in chapter 1 of my book " Inside Job " which can be found on Amazon in paperback, kindle and audio. Entrepreneurship really is taking a thought and putting it into action, giving it a heart beat and legs to be able to grow and function. Entrepreneruship must solve a problem. 



In this STANDOUT with Cheryl Tan interview, we hear from entrepreneur mentor and author Mark Sephton. Mark Sephton started out in the hospitality industry and realized he wanted something more - more opportunities, more fulfillment, more growth. He took that big scary leap and started investing in himself. Now an author and mentor for entrepreneurs all over the world, Mark shares his habits for success in business and life.


I share the 3 steps process to ensure you continue on your journey of success.

If you know how to drive or you are learning to drive, the 3 basic steps are mirror, signal and manoeuvre.

Mirror - Continually reflect and review your position. Don't forget who you are after you've looked in the mirror.

Signal - Tell people where you are going. Helps keep you accountable. Protects you from accidents.


I share how your inability to say " No " is like putting your hand in a fire.

We must learn to respect fire so that it can serve us and not hurt us. The same is true of the word " No " When we don't say " No " to the things that harm us, hurt us and stress us out it causes great pain and suffering.

We must develop the art of saying " No " in order to protect and nurture our greater purpose which is saying "...