What is Mentoring?  for me it's about helping an individual help themselves. I'm a big believer if you expand yourself, skills and performance, you will expand your horizons. As a mentor I look to provoke a response, which calls the individual to action and I just help them achieve all they want to achieve. Keep them at peak performance

Normally it's about asking the right questions, to find out what an individual really wants and then listening and putting an action plan together.

Mentoring relationships need to be stimulated. We both need to quantify if we are best suited to each other. Much of this is tested on trust and respect. In order for an individual to advance they need to be real with themselves and be aware of there own GPS coordinates in order to grow.

Mentoring is one of the key ways to expose yourself to personal growth, I'm a big advocate of Personal development, we must grow bigger than our problems, bigger than our debt, some problems never go away, so we must work together to develop ourselves beyond these limits.

I get a huge sense of gratification helping others, help themselves. Questions help challenge and motivate an individual to be the best they can be. Not to compare themselves with others, but compare themselves to there potential. It's hugely rewarding and I get a total kick out of seeing others succeed and grow.

Mentoring incorporates encouragement, I become a cheerleader and advocate for my clients well being and successes along the way.
It's really important you have a healthy balance, mentoring helps you take a hard look at yourself while in a very private and confidential environment.
I encourage clients to be the driver and not the passenger of there lives.

Mentoring really does take on different facets, the focus is based purely on the individuals needs, I always carry out a life assessment to assess where there maybe some opportunities to grow, so often I have come across clients who have a problem in a personal relationship which maybe effecting there business performance, mentoring is like a MRI , or a vehicle MOT, we want you to perform at peak performance, being mentored is an investment in you! We spend money on looking good, filling our stomachs, fuelling our cars, it's time we invested in ourselves and hired a mentor. 

What makes me different is that not all entrepreneurs and business owners, mothers, fathers, hard working citizens are my ideal client. 
I want to work with those that are free spirited, they want to blaze new trails, develop themselves and grow. Not satisfied with accepting what life gives them, I encourage and support others to grow beyond the challenges of life.

The people I enjoy working with don't like following the crowd. They're "wild at heart " ones, they are doers not just talkers!

What has Mentoring done for me?

It's a great privilege for someone to trust and respect me with there life. I'm a huge believer that people buy from an individual or company because they either like, know or trust you. I like to be at the forefront of my business and for me to show my guts and heart.

I have failed many times, and will continue to do so, but life is one big fat test. we all have a choice, to either be a passenger and accept what life throws at you or be a driver and make the life you want. I'm driving my life and my life represents exactly what I want it too. We're all a work in progress! With personal development you never actually graduate, there is no finish line... It's a life time pilgrimage, so become a lover of learning. Invest in yourself, read self improvement books, listen to educational audio CDs, attend business seminars.

Mentoring has liberated so many people, you have your own personal advocate,  thought provoker, encourager, cheerleader and ally.

I have learned from those I mentor, when people share there guts it liberates me to continually look within myself to help myself grow. Mentoring is a two way street, the opportunity to invest in someone is both a humbling and challenging one. The opportunity to share my expertise, my failings and successes opens doors for others, when a client is challenged it may well speak to me and challenge me to reevaluate and strengthen key life philosophies in my own life.

When you know your making a difference, seeing a clients morale or self confidence take new heights, reaching academic and professional goals, seeing a marriage restored, health maintained, business increasing its revenue streams, your making a difference. 

If you can answer yes to this question, you know your doing what you were born to do, would you do what your doing now for free? And if your answer is yes. Your on the right trail.
I'm constantly learning how to be more empathetic to an individuals situation, how to improve my listening skills and be quick to listen and remain engaged without thinking ahead of what my answer is but to be totally focused , supportive and encouraging during the mentoring session.

The importance of being trustworthy and professional is Paramount to the success of a mentoring relationship.  I get to work with some fascinating and amazing people, I love the variety and culture each ones brings, each adds something different, which strengthen and exercise my own skills, ideas and views. I myself have a mentor,like my clients, We all need someone who has journeyed further, climbed higher, gone deeper, flew faster, failed quicker to maximize our own personal potential.

I get to increase my own productivity, the more people I help, the more skilled and accomplished I become as a mentor, then I can add further value to up and coming prospects and to increase my network with fellow mentors and mentees.

It often only takes a spark to ignite someone to blaze there own trail. I love seeing people succeed.

I want to create a legacy and inheritance for those I love and work with, I want to earn my livelihood in a positive way which is impact-full and influential on the people I rub shoulders with.

But most of all, I have grown to care for those I work with. In a world which is all about "me" I come across people who are broken or lacking or who want more. While there is blood pumping around your body and air in your lungs you have an opportunity to change the direction your life is going. Mentoring has helped me as a mentor really believe in the human race, that nothing is impossible. That life can be cruel and unforgiving but we all have an opportunity to die happy and leave a legacy to those we love and value and to a world which is quite clearly in need of guidance and healing. The world is made up of millions of people, if I can help people help themselves, better themselves through genuine care the world will be a richer and more beautiful place.