Start-up, 13 start-up strategies

Start-up, 13 start-up strategies

1) Be ready to be wrong, be teachable, be a sponge, keep your mind active and be objective.

2) Build a better team, play to your strengths and hire your weaknesses, investing in yourself and your team means you are investing in the wealth of your business.

3) Don't forget your family, without the support of your family and their understanding it's hard to execute any vision.

4) Innovate, stay on your toes, look for opportunities, and reinvent yourself

5) Budget, know your figures, and know your operating costs and your break even point

6) Delegate, make sure you don't play god in your business

7) Educate yourself, be mindful of your own industry, become a lover of les ring and embrace the road of personal development.

8) Craft a Culture, Be influential, you can't lead if you don't have influence, set the scene and environment and create the culture you want for you and your colleagues

9) Remember who you are serving, never lose site of the customers needs, what they are thinking, what they look like, what they want.

10) Follow the money, when you tap into gold branch out from the centre

11) Know your audience, know who is watching you, and know their needs

12) Partner strategically, joining forces with others which enhances your product or service is vital.

13) spread the love, it's not all about the money, be a person of wealth but in love, love what you do and be a pioneer to others.