Mentoring - To Rest & Recover

Mentoring - To Rest & Recover

Mentoring helps you to rest and recover and charges you back up into a sprinting state of mind, sprint ( Work with intensity, creativity and passion)   then take time to recover.

When we work and live in an area of great focus and pressure we need to take time to recover, some of the most ingenious ideas have come during those times of recovery. Being the wealthiest person in the graveyard does not cut it, health is wealth you must learn to rest, recover and reflect which will help you recharge and bring a fuel injection so your reaching your optimal level of performance.

Don't get me wrong, finding the right mentor for you is invaluable, they need to be authentic and genuine. Each will bring a different dynamic but to truly find value you need someone who really cares and has the ability to help you pause and breath and connect with the human part of you. My hash tag #insidejob is about you discovering who you are, as a human being all we do is a result of who we have become, the only really way we choose who we become is by what we allow into our mind, which helps and cultivate our thoughts, feelings, likes and desires.

You owe it to yourself, it's a scary moment for some entrepreneurs just to take  their foot off the gas, it's like when your on a long journey and if you are like me I always prefer the destination over the journey, I've disciplined myself to really find value in the journey. There comes a point when your car has burned up all the fuel in its tank and you have to find a service station to refuel. You can't go any further without topping your tank up to finish the journey. Mentoring brings that to the table for you. Mentoring isn't for the sick or the struggling, the broke or divorced its for everyone.