#insidejob that's what Mentoring is all about. Focusing on the inside of an Entrepreneur. 

We focus our attention on our brand, product or service and yet we can neglect our own personal growth. Business is the business of people. People buy from people, I'm constantly telling people to be at the forefront of what you do, what separates you from the competition? It's YOU. Your business needs a voice and it needs a face.

If you want to double your income, you have to triple your level of learning.

Each year we pay for our cars to have an MOT, pass or fail its compulsory. Rarely do we watch , if at all, the mechanic carrying out various checks, we take their word for it, right? We pay for the MOT and any repairs necessary to make our car road worthy. 

Yet we pay little attention to the inside of us. Are we fuel efficient, do we know what our internal warning light means, do we misdiagnose, are we putting petrol into a Diesel engine, what about fuel injection, tyre pressure, oil?

I use this metaphor as a way to describe the importance of mentoring, are you not worth more than the car you drive!!?

As entrepreneurs we face problems daily. Mentoring helps you grow bigger than your problems. The key is expanding yourself so you can expand your horizons. The key ingredient to success is having the right mindset. The science behind this reveals that having grit in the midst of discouragement and adverse conditions is the key ingredient to staying the course and achieving audacious goals.

Adding value

I help people see what's important to them. Provoking questions which require the mentee to look deep within themselves. Fundamentally the mentee is the one who focuses on the focus and action plan once 

  • Encouragement
  • Challenge
  • Educate
  • Focus
  • Accountable
  • Investment 
  • Building relationships
  • Improving communication