Four nuggets to create a joyful life

Four nuggets to create a joyful life

1) Economy is recovering, quarter on quarter the UK is recovering and growing and is the leading force in Europe. That's exciting! You can be a part of it.

2) Other means of finance, grants, loans, business angels and the princes charities.

3) Tax incentives, advertising, travel, and stationary and accountancy fees.

4) Resources/ people available so you don't need to do it alone. Networking groups, success buddy.

5) More start up help, Business start up shows, start up nation, mentors and coaches

6) Freelancers eager to do contract work for you, 1.6 Million freelancers alone in the Uk

7) you can conquer global markets not just local ones, I have local, national and international clients, the power of the web.

8) You can create and not consume everything in this life. Nothing better than expressing yourself through a business product and service

9) You're needed. You are a unique expression of mankind, when you fully embrace who you are and your gifting, the world conspires on your behalf.