Five characteristics of a winner

Five characteristics of a winner

1) Winners are passionate about what they do, they are born ready, and the Greek word for passion is to "suffer" passionate people will ride the waves of difficulty and pain to fulfil what they were born to do.

2) Winners value the process of winning, winning takes place in the quiet moments, when nobody is looking, the secret place of integrity, understanding every set back is the spring board to launching forward.

3) Winners focus on their strengths and not their weaknesses, Forget trying to be the king of everything, relax and become comfortable in your own skin, play to your strengths, say no to the opportunities which don't showcase your strengths.

4) Winners focus on winning on the inside more than the outside. You are only as good as the thoughts you think, if you want more you need to become more, it's an inside job.

5) Winners persist on the path toward success; Failure and success are along the same road and are intertwined. I'm not sure you can succeed in life without failing a few times and coming back stronger and wiser.