Keep things in perspective

Mon, 11/14/2016 - 13:16 -- Mark Sephton

After hearing of a friend passing away suddenly, it often leads us down a path of reflection. It wasn't the news I was expecting this morning, death of a loved one is always difficult to comprehend, especially when taken at a relatively young age. Someone's death often has a ripple effect across friendship groups and communities, it reminds us all, how frail and mortal we are. Death brings a deep reminder that we only get one shot at this life. That we must continually work towards the bigger picture. I take huge amounts of joy working with entrepreneurs. My quest as always been to ensure they know their WHY and the reason they were put on planet earth. In the grand scheme of things we waste precious energy on the things that don't really matter. We can fall out with people about the most trivia of things and yet when everything is said and done and we count the full cost of a human life, isn't it time we forgave the people who hurt us, smiled more often, love more deeply and be conscious of our own frailty. The friends I keep are always carefully considered. I believe in being wise with whom you open up to ( Don't cast your pearls to swine), journey with and invest your time and energy into. Sadly this is the second friend I have lost in the last 2 years, yet both of them have had the same impact on me, they knew who they were, they knew how to have fun, they had a very strong work ethic and most of all they knew how to enrich the lives of those around them by their generosity.

If you take nothing else from this small post. Let those whom you love, know that you care. Your wealth will never be determined by the money in your wallet. It will be determined by the love in your heart. Stop wasting precious time and energy on comparing and fighting those around you. Life is exhausting enough as it is. Take time to invest in those around you and most importantly take time to invest in yourself. That isn't selfish reasoning, we can only give out of what we have. Taking care of you means you can take care of those around you. 

My best