Chicago The Windy City Which Blew Me Away

Thu, 10/05/2017 - 13:13 -- Mark Sephton



Gosh there is something beauitfully magical about travelling. I am sure of one thing, it is people who make a place. The whole premise of entrepreneurship is solving a problem, this amazing city is full of people who solve problems, who contibute to the greater good of mankind and make an impression that stays with you long after you leave it's borders. 

Chicago you are a truly magical and beauitful city with some of the most amazingly articulate people on the planet. Whenever I visit a new city I love to bring my own energy, personality and encouragement through all the interactions and notions I muster during the course of my stay. During my keynote talk one of the key points was "  go where the love is " The truth is we each only need to find our 10% of the people who love who we are and what we do and serve them with class and prestige. So when you're wondering which direction to go in life, go where the love is, go where you are wanted, desired and appreciate, whether that be friendship's or business opportunities let love guide you.

 My points I covered during my " Plot twist " with Tequila talk are below. I thoroughly enjoyed the intimate crowd of people who gathered to hear me share the premise of my second book and hear my story and what I learned from my entrepreneurial grandfather and the self reflections which helped me grow, pivot and evolve through the challenges life threw at me.

  1. Competition is only with ourselves 
  2. We all need someone to give us an opportunity to find ourselves, we now need to give those around us opportunities to find themselves too.
  3. Sometimes loss is actually a gain. 
  4. Go where the love is, trust your passion, it leads you to your purpose.
  5. I believed I mattered and hadn't quiet found my space. Gifting makes room for you.                                                                                                                                                                              

Chicago and it's people made an impact on me. Sometimes a change of environment is exactly what you and I need to learn something new about ourselves and those around me. I made so many incredible friends, I am truly thankful.